South Frame closer to completion

November 2020

The South Frame Greenway is a step closer to completion with a new area between Durham and Montreal Streets complete, and construction underway on one of the last key sections around Team Hutchinson Ford.

The Greenway is a pedestrian and cycle-friendly shared path that will connect the One Central homes and SALT District in the east to the Health and Avon River Precincts in the west.

“These new sections will help make the Greenway a cycling and walking thoroughfare through the southern side of the CBD,” says Ōtākaro Chief Executive, John Bridgman.

The new section of laneway to the west of Durham Street also features a 40-metre mural by Oi YOU! and the DTR Crew which pays homage to the creation of graffiti art and how its evolution gave birth to street art.

“Once the area through Team Hutchinson Ford is complete around May next year, people will be able to use the Greenway to get from Manchester to Montreal Streets away from the traffic on Tuam and St Asaph Streets, which flank it.

“Our work on Butchers Lane, near Dux Central, is also nearly complete. The layout of the lanes here is similar to that surrounding the popular Little High Eatery, creating the opportunity for similar sorts of development in the future.

“We’ll have added around 15,000 new plants and trees to the central city through the creation of the South Frame. The garden beds and green screens in the Mataī Common area are now well established and give a sense of how this new route will look when complete,” says Mr Bridgman.

Ōtākaro Limited - South Frame Mural - November 2020

November 2020