Rau Paenga appoints LT McGuinness to provide pre-construction services for Auckland District Court seismic remediation project

November 2023

Crown infrastructure delivery company, Rau Paenga, has selected LT McGuinness to provide pre-construction services on the Auckland District Court seismic strengthening project.

Rau Paenga is delivering the project on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

The appointment of the pre-construction services contractor is a significant milestone towards improving the seismic resilience of the crucial Auckland District Court building, which was announced in Budget 2023.

Rau Paenga Development Director, Martin Shelton, says LT McGuinness is a respected and experienced construction company with a strong track record in seismic retrofitting and major projects.

“As the Auckland District Court must remain fully operational throughout the three-year strengthening project, it is crucial we get this pre-construction planning stage right.

LT McGuinness will play a key role in the planning phases, including project scheduling, risk assessment, build optimisation and preliminary design work. Its comprehensive pre-construction services will pave the way for a smooth and efficient construction phase.”

Built in 1985, the 28,000m2 Auckland District Court building comprises a five-level podium structure and nine-storey tower above. The building houses 28 courtrooms, which is 10% of all courtrooms in New Zealand and 33% of all courtrooms in the City.

While the building remains safe to work in, the seismic strengthening is set to raise the seismic rating to achieve an acceptable level under the New Building Standard.

LT McGuinness Director and Auckland Manager, Matt McGuinness, says it will be a complex but rewarding project.

“Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work, and we look forward to helping ensure the safety and resilience of this crucial facility for years to come."

The remediation project is being structured in a way that, subject to funding, allows the Ministry of Justice to instruct further work to replace original building plant and services now reaching end-of-life. LT McGuinness will also provide input into this related planning.

The award of a Main Works contract for the seismic strengthening is expected in April 2024, with physical works set to start the following month.