Hospital section of Oxford Terrace open next week.

December 2018

A new pick-up and drop-off area on Oxford Terrace, between the Hospital and Christchurch Outpatients, will be open from Wednesday 19 December.

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive, John Bridgman, says the road layout has been changed to cater for the new Outpatients facility and wider Health Precinct.

“Every day around 800 people visit the Outpatients facility along with 300 staff. To keep vehicles moving safely and efficiently through the area, traffic will flow one-way, entering near Riccarton Avenue, and exiting via Antigua Street.

Short-term and dedicated mobility parking will be available on either side of the road for pick-ups and drop-offs.

To get between the Hospital and Outpatients there is an 11-metre-wide pedestrian crossing.

For people walking and cycling through this short 117-metre-long section of Oxford Terrace there is a 4.8-metre-wide shared path on the west side of the street, adjacent to the Hospital, and dedicated pedestrian footpaths on both sides of the street.

The shared path aligns with the existing shared path running through Hagley Park and the path on the Antigua Street bridge.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience while this work was carried out and encourage people heading into this new area for the first time to be mindful of other users.

With the City Promenade completed last month and this section of Oxford Terrace about to open, the bulk of Ōtākaro’s roading projects are now complete.

We have two bus shelters to construct, underground services to upgrade and new surface to lay on a short section of Tuam Street as part of the Health Precinct and this will be done when the land becomes available,” says Mr Bridgman.

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Features include:

• An 11-metre-wide central crossing between the main entrance of the Outpatients building and the main Hospital campus. The width is designed to provide clear lines of sight and allows for pedestrians to take the most direct route between the two buildings.

• A 4.8-metre-wide shared path (for both cyclists and pedestrians) on the west side of the street, adjacent to the Hospital.

• A 2.5-metre-wide dedicated pedestrian footpath on the west side of the street, between garden beds and car parks.

• A 3-metre-wide dedicated pedestrian footpath on the east side of the street.

• Changes in paving and textures (of surfaces) to signal to users that they are entering shared-space areas.

• Tailored lighting (crossing areas will be brighter).