Budget 2023

May 2023

Crown infrastructure delivery company, Rau Paenga, welcomes He Whakakaupapa mō Te Hanganga o Aotearoa, the Government’s Infrastructure Action Plan and is supportive of the Government’s commitment to doing infrastructure better for New Zealand.

The Government’s response to the 30-year Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy released by Te Waihanga, the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, reaffirms the importance of good infrastructure delivery.

As a newly repurposed Crown company, Rau Paenga is well placed to support the delivery of infrastructure in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Centrally funded, Rau Paenga will undertake its inaugural portfolio of projects without seeking funding from the organisations it is supporting.

The Government announced the company is currently finalising this inaugural portfolio, which includes supporting the Ministry of Justice on the three-year remediation of the Auckland District Court building, supporting the delivery of the new Archives building in Wellington, and the Plant Health & Environment biosecurity facility in Auckland.

Beyond its project portfolio, Rau Paenga is focused on helping the Crown to be a better customer, building delivery capability within the Crown, and supporting the growth of a robust domestic construction sector.

“The Infrastructure Action Plan articulates a clear vision for the future of infrastructure delivery in New Zealand” says Acting Rau Paenga Chief Executive, John O’Hagan.

“As a newly repurposed Crown company providing infrastructure project support services to the Government, we are excited by what could be achieved under the Infrastructure Action Plan”.