Auckland District Court Building - Seismic Remediation Project

Ministry of Justice
This project will ensure your Auckland District Court building is well placed to meet the Ministry’s needs well into the future.

Like many buildings of this age, the Auckland District Court building needs strengthening to meet an acceptable level of the New Building Standard that was introduced in 2017.

To ensure the work is delivered on time and with minimal disruption, the Ministry has partnered with Rau Paenga, the Crown’s Infrastructure delivery company for this project.

The remediation project will see steelwork added to the building to strengthen walls and floors, and the connections between them. Physical work will start around April 2024 and will take place floor-by-floor to enable normal court operations to continue. Each floor will have to be vacated while the work is carried out but only two-three of the 28 courts will be out of use at any time.

Some teams based in the building will temporarily relocate off-site. The vacated floors can then be used as a temporary workspace for the remaining teams, while construction is underway on their floor. All teams will return to their original workspace by the time the remediation is finished.

The project team will be in touch with you, the building users, over the proposed plan for how and when people will move out of and return to each floor. The team will strive to minimise inconvenience to you at all times. Importantly, all noisy work will be undertaken outside of business hours.

The project team will liaise closely with you to provide timely, accurate information about the work and to be available to answer any questions.

Auckland District Court - FAQ's

This two-minute video explains the key aspects of the project.

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