Wellington Science City

RP Wellington 20230717 11

We assisted with the first phase of the programme, which led the Government to allocate $400m of tagged capital contingency funding, plus supporting operating funding, for the second phase of the programme through Budget 2023.

The ultimate goal is to plan and construct three adaptable, resilient, multi-institution research and innovation collaboration centres in the Wellington region.

The three hubs are based on the region’s strengths and include a Health and Wellbeing Research Corridor from Kelburn to Newtown; a National Centre for Research on Oceans, Climate and Hazards at Greta Point; and a Research, Innovation and Technology Park at Gracefield.

The overall purpose of Science City is "to make Wellington a vibrant, resilient, and adaptable centre of research, science and innovation before 2030 by bringing the research community closer together to increase collaboration and performance."